The architectural design plays an important role in construction of a building because every building begins with an idea and a design. They are the one who shape our dream home into reality. It involves the process of planning, designing and creating new structures that meets the client’s requirements and needs with the utmost safety. A skilled architect must possess the designing knowledge, creativity, time management, problem solving and must stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to pinpoint the right needs.

Why they matter?

Architectural designs involves the combination of both creation of aesthetic structures and abilities to identify the potential problems in the design phase and by reducing costs, saves time and money during construction phase. It ensures that the design goals meets the safety regulations. It also helps to maximizes natural light and ventilation.

What are the steps involved in architectural design process?

  1. Pre-design: The first step involves, identifying the client’s needs and determining the project’s vision and goals.
  2. Schematic design: After site analysis, it gives the rough sketches/drawings of the overall design direction.
  3. Design development: It collects the results from schematic design and finalizes the design and written specifications for items such as materials, door, and window locations.
  4. Construction drawings: This stage involves the preparation of drawings, blueprints, notes, documentation, and specifications for bidding and construction.
  5. Construction: The final process is construction which is overseen by the construction administration and ensures that it is completed as per the design specifications.

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    What are the roles and responsibilities of an architect in construction?

    A designer must be a planner with an aesthetic sense. They are responsible for the design that meets the customer’s needs while ensuring that the building is safe with all building codes. They work with civil engineers, structural engineers, and contractors to certify the building is structurally sound and withstand all stress of everyday use.
    Architects use their expertise in building, and choosing materials to create a design that is sustainable and exquisite.
    They work with the clients and relevant authorities to understand the codes and regulations of the project.
    They are also experts in making several budget constraints with the goal of managing the budget and making sure that the project is complete within the timeline.
    They also help with various potential problems during the construction phase, contract negotiation phase, etc.

    Inspirations to achieve innovative architectural design for homes

    The means of innovative and creative architectural design is to build a home that stands out, is sustainable, and gives a comfortable living environment. To achieve that architects are inspired by a lot of formidable and magnificent designs, some of which are

    1. Loft designs encourage the integration of functional zones with the optimization of spaces in imaginative ways. These unique spaces offer an open layout and abundant natural light with a multitude of design possibilities. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies, architects can make loft homes into an efficient living environment.
    2. Nature-inspired designs can create a building with the essence of the natural environment that brings outdoor living experience to homes. As nature has no bounds, the designs inspired by nature has also no bounds. These buildings appear as nature, function as nature, and utilize natural materials as elements.
    3. Smart designs are becoming extensive and more comprehensive nowadays with the advancement of technology that paved the way for more opportunities to build smart homes. They provide automatic interior processes such as lights, ventilation, security, heating, cooling, etc. They not only improve convenience but also safety and energy efficiency.
    4. Minimalist designs are one that uses structure, light, space, and materials to create a high visual impact with the least usage. They are the simplest one yet shines more.
    5. Sustainable designs are generally green architecture that uses renewable resources such as bamboo and wood as the material to provide a natural environment look, and maximize indoor air quality and energy efficiency. The main goal is to reduce the depletion of natural resources, leaving future generations a superior environment.
    6. Industrial design is a usual way of building with extended use of raw materials such as bricks, concrete, metals, steel, etc. Though being a usual one, architects design it a more stylish and unique way.


    A unique, magnificent, comfortable, and spacious way of living requires innovative architectural skills and concepts. They enhance the safety and secure environment, air quality, outstanding interiors, energy efficiency, and distinctive lifestyle that matches homeowner’s tastes. Architects are being the forefront of every building by enhancing people’s standard of living for generations. They keep up with the latest technologies and trends to create a better way of living and being well worth the property.

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